Inner Harbor Condos is Baltimore’s exclusive condominium sales force. Unlike other brokers who will sell various property types in a multitude of geographic locations, the team at Inner Harbor Condos specializes in one product only – condos in Baltimore City. We are the specialists in our field.  You wouldn’t go to a podiatrist for heart surgery, even though both are physicians .. or hire a contract attorney to defend you in court, even though both are attorneys .. why would you want to work with a Realtor who does a little of this and a little of that, over here and over there .. when you are looking for something specific – a Baltimore City condo?  You want the individual with he experience and knowledge not found in the general professional population.  You want the specialist.

Our associates know this market like the backs of our hands. We should after nearly thirty years of experience !

We also operate as a true team – not simply a handful of agents who “work under the same brand name or office location”. Our team consists of listing agents, buyers representatives, administrative staff, marketing individuals, and even a social media strategist. We combine old fashioned service with 21st century technology. The task of marketing your condo, if you are selling .. or finding and negotiating the perfect condo, if you are buying or leasing, becomes much easier when each team member has her own specific role and function.

Our familiarity with the Baltimore condo market provides you with a tremendous advantage. We are aware of Maryland disclosure laws relating to condominium sales, re-sales, and leases. We are also intimately familiar with the specific rules of each condo board and how they relate to topics such as leasing, move-in, storage options, special assessments, pet policies, and management, just to name a few.

Give us a call. You will not be disappointed.

Whether you are a buyer, seller, tenant or landlord – our team has you covered !

  For Buyers

The Benefits of a Buyer’s Agent

In the do-it-yourself world we live in today, you can pretty much Google instructions on anything and everything. But if you are tempted to undertake the arduous task of buying a home without a real estate agent in your corner, take a moment to reconsider. There are a number of reasons why having a buyer’s agent is vital to the home buying process and it is important that you judge whether the benefits outweigh the risks prior to moving forward.

Let’s start with the most obvious reason. According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), eighty-eight percent of sellers sold their homes last year with the assistance of a seller’s agent. If 88% of the sellers you are likely to encounter have a real estate agent backing their every move, what does that mean for you? The answer is nothing but trouble. Real estate agents are legally obligated to get their clients the BEST deals; a seller’s agent will never have your best interest in mind. If the home seller has a seasoned professional fighting in their corner, the only option you have to ensure you will not be burdened with buyer’s remorse is having an agent fighting the battle with you.

home-appraisal-1And what about Comps? For those who don’t know, “Comps” is real estate jargon for the value of a home, of which is determined by comparing the selling prices of homes similar in size and features within the same geographical area. Let’s say you fall head over heels in love with a property that is listed for $400,000. It is well within your budget and it seems like the perfect deal. Without hesitation, you place a full price bid on this property, thinking you have hit the jackpot. Unbeknownst to you, properties in that building (with similar square footage and the same number of bed and baths) actually range around the $300,000 mark. Ouch! You just paid $100,000 more than you needed to. It is a disastrous hypothetical situation that could happen to you if you choose to proceed without the help of a qualified buyer’s agent. Comps are only accessible by realtors, although some websites offer a subpar substitute (Zillow provides a “Zestimate”). These sites, although helpful, are not updated in real time and their estimates are exactly that, estimates. You may be a master of negotiations but your efforts will be fruitless, without knowing the actual value of your prospective home.

paperworkAnother important reason for having a buyer’s agent is the mountain of paperwork that has to be dealt with. Deals, more often than not, can fall apart because a buyer is taking too long to complete the necessary documents in a timely fashion. While you are desperately trying to figure out what you are signing before submitting it, a counter offer from another interested buyer may get accepted. A buyer’s agent will take care of necessary paperwork and explain to you in layman’s terms what each contract or necessary form means. Realtors not only facilitate the completion of hard to understand forms, they can also ensure you are not agreeing to purchase a home that is in desperate need of repair, through inspections. After a bid on a house is accepted, inspection of a home is the best way for you to make sure you’re not spending a fortune on something that needs major repairs. If the results of an inspection yield costly repairs, your agent can negotiate to make sure this does not become your issue.

And how much will it cost you to purchase a house with the help of a buyer’s agent? $375 – That’s it! The seller’s agent splits her commission with the buyer’s agent so the only thing you pay is a small fee for processing and storage of your contract and all of the files related to your purchase for 10 years. You get all the benefits of an experienced advocate for pennies!! So, why do-it-yourself?

home-seller For Sellers

Why Use a Broker?

  • Advertising and marketing is expensive.
  • Marketing real estate takes time, and time is money.
  • Effective marketing requires experience, knowledge, and expertise.
  • A broker maximizes exposure of your property through multiple listing systems and cross media marketing, including web, print media, mailing campaigns, and presentation materials.
  • As your fiduciary representative, a broker can prevent common mistakes and represent your best financial and personal interests.

Why Choose Inner Harbor Condos?

Here are just a few of the services we provide:

  • We will source all available comparable current, past and future data in order to price the property most accurately and intelligently.
  • We will advise on positioning, staging, designing and showcasing your property.
  • We will provide professional, high definition photos, floor plans, collateral materials, videos and mailers.
  • We will embark on an advertising and marketing campaign in all media, on and off line including industry trades, main stream media, real estate portals, multiple listings systems, glossy publications, broker networks, social media, search engine optimization, direct mailing campaigns and much more. This will insure maximum exposure for the property. Our marketing efforts are unmatched in this arena. The InnerHarborCondos.com website is the area’s leading portal for condos in Baltimore. We have also positioned ourselves as authorities in highly visible mediums such as Zillow.com and Realtor.com; the world’s larges real estate websites.
  • We will qualify potential buyers, negotiate with your best interest in mind and walk you through every step of the transaction; including handling condominium board packages and coordinating between all professionals involved. And we’ll be there to toast at the closing table!

Need More ??

  • Access & information – In addition to our extensive and exclusive base, we will provide you access to every available property in the area.
  • Education – Our vibrant market changes daily, with new information and ideas at our fingertips 24/7. We will educate you and update you on the latest market trends, reports, micro data and new properties as they become available. This way you can make the absolute best, and most educated decision for your future home or investment.
  • Support & Customer service – We will accompany you through every step of the process. From being there to advise you on everything from defining your search to options when making important decisions, deciding on the perfect home and negotiating the best value. We’ll walk you through final closing and your housewarming party, if you’ll have us!
  • Vendors Network – Angel Stevens has an extensive referral network of closing attorneys, mortgage consultants, contractors, designers, movers and every possible vendor you might need for a smooth and successful process. You will have 24 hour access to these vendors through our Client Concierge service.

Your Real Estate Team Leaders

Angel Stevens has been a real estate professional for over 25 years. She has helped shape the Baltimore condo market from an unknown – into a billion dollar industry. Angel’s knowledge of Baltimore condominium law is unmatched by any other agent / broker in the area. She has been involved in many of the area’s condominium projects to consult on the preparation of the condominium documents, marketing, and facilities management. Angel has lived in Baltimore, MD her entire life including stints as a resident in a number of the downtown condo buildings. Angel has built a remarkable real estate career on meeting her clients’ needs, exceeding their expectations, and making the entire real estate experience one of ease. With sales approaching $400,000,000 in downtown condominiums, Angel is clearly the “go to” agent if you are considering buying, selling or leasing a condominium in Baltimore.

Gary Cesta is an Associate Broker and Marketing Director of The Inner Harbor Condos team of Cummings & Co. Realtors and has been a real estate professional for nearly 25 years. He has established, promoted and maintained the company’s brand. Gary is the creator of all marketing materials and web presence related to the Inner Harbor Condos team – including innerharborcondos.com. Gary develops all marketing strategies and oversees all communications, public relations and promotional activities. These include design, production and distribution of print materials, ads and direct response, as well as all media needed for broadcast and electronic campaigns. Web presence and social media participation are at the heart of Gary’s promotional agenda. He is also a seasoned Buyer’s agent, representing some of Baltimore’s most discerning condo buyers.  With degrees in Finance and Economics, as well as a background in construction and renovations, Gary is well suited to assist you with your purchase.

Sue became a Real Estate Broker in Maryland in 1972, after having been a Salesperson for 3 years. In 1981, she was the first female broker in the Greater Baltimore Board of Realtors to earn the distinguished Certified Residential Broker designation. In 1980, Sue opened and managed the first Baltimore office for Chris Coile & Associates, later to become Merrill Lynch Realty. Promoted to Regional Manager for Merrill Lynch Realty in 1983, Sue was responsible for 8 offices in Baltimore, Harford, Carroll, & Howard Counties. In 1988, Sue was appointed Real Estate Program Director at Dundalk Community College; in addition to teaching and hiring instructors for the Broker & Salesperson licensing courses, she was responsible for the continuing education program. When Sue relocated to the Inner Harbor in 1988, she recognized a yet-to-be-discovered real estate condo niche. With her daughter, Angel, she seized the opportunity to establish Harborside Realty. They never looked back, but evolved into the most successful Real Estate company specializing in condo sales and leases around the harbor. Today, Sue’s primary market includes the Inner Harbor area, Canton, Fells Point, Locust Point, and Federal Hill. As a native Baltimorean, Sue resides in Scarlett Place at the Inner Harbor with her husband Heinz.